Friday, January 20, 2012

Poet in Residence, Part 3

Today, the third installment of poems written by 4th graders in the classroom where I served as "Poet in Residence" during the fall.


Here and there
Racing down the drive way
Up and down the drive way
Having so much fun.

by Emmie D.

Fall Fun!

Gather all the leaves then throw
up up they fly
scary faces everywhere
who shall I scare?
knock  knock  who’s there
trick or treat thank you!

by Lauren O.

The Wavy Plant?

with white wavy moss
growing off you.
with your mysterious holes.
look like an anemone.
I wonder where
you live.
are a mushroom!
Of course… The Woods.

by Kayla W.

Me and my mom

are just alike

We love each other dearly
I always do what she does
She is my role model
We love to do every thing together

by Kyah W.

Nana’s House

I have a special bedroom.
I have a yellow bedspread.
I love a big brown teddy bear.
I feel safe and loved there.

by Olivia G.

Not Just a Plain Rock

White with glitter
Partially gray

like a small glacier

by Lucas K.

Which image or phrase is your favorite?

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  1. I really enjoyed the poems but Zip Zap Scooter was my favorite.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Russ. I just hopped over to your blog...your art makes me smile.

  3. I love the fact that all these poems are very different from one another, and they each have a different kind of energy and mood. "Not Just a Plain Rock" is my favorite, because I'm writing a book about the Arctic right now.

    Keep writing, all of you!

  4. Great poems! I love The Wavy Plant? because it's not about a typical looking mushroom. I've never seen that kind before, it's very unique! Well done, Kayla W!

  5. I really liked this poems! Thanks for sharing. I especially liked Fall Fun, because I'm a huge Halloween fan. But I also really liked Not Just a Plain Rock. Very creative! Well done, all of you!

  6. All of these poems have such wonderful and unique sounds and shapes, not to mention beautiful pieces of imagery, such as "like an anemone" and "like a small glacier floating away". Keep playing with those words and have fun!

  7. These poems are all distinct and fantastic. I really like "Nana's House", because I can just feel the warmth and happiness. I also was partial to "Not Just a Plain Rock". Well done to you all!

  8. These are wonderful poems. I hope you're all very proud of your work. Thanks for sharing!

  9. All wonderful poems! It is a gray day in Maine today and I feel like I want to curl up on the yellow beadspread in Nana's House -so safe and warm, or maybe float away to an adventure on top of Not Just A Plain Rock's glacier. You are ALL outstanding. Keep writing.

    Beth Cadena

  10. Not Just a Plain Rock - where are you going? You make me wonder.... Also, I want to curl up on Nana's yellow bedspread, zip zap down my driveway, gather all those leaves and look for mushrooms with mysterious holes. To the mom in Mom and Me, you must feel terrific. What a great job!

    Keep writing!

    Cheryl Lawton Malone

  11. What talented poets this class has! I enjoyed reading all of them. I love poems about nature, so the Not Just a Plain Rock and The Wavy Plant spoke to me in particular. Wonderful writers! Continue getting down your thoughts and words on paper!

  12. What wonderful poems! Thank you for sharing.
    These are my favorite lines/images from each:

    •Emmie: I love the z sounds in zip-zap scooter—zoom

    •Lauren: The way you used traditional phrases, trick or treat, knock-knock in unexpected and surprising way, is so much fun!

    •Kayla: The structure of the poem, using “you,” made it conversational and the images, especially the anemone are so nice and concrete.

    •Kyah: You love your mother—how sweet! I hope you’ve shown her your poem.

    •Olivia: Your images in Nana’s house are so cozy and warm.

    •Lucas: I love all of the hard consonantal sounds: glitter, gray and glacier, and the ending rhyme of gray and away. The idea of a glacier floating away is lovely too, and it’s especially nice how the words are floating away too.

    Great job everyone! I really enjoyed reading them. Go, poets!!

    ~Maria Gianferrari

  13. Claire, Heather, Karen, Bruce, Aaron, Dede, Beth,Cheryl, Carlo, and Maria,
    Thank so you much for your thoughtful comments to these poets. I appreciate them and I know the students will, as well.

  14. I really liked all the poems in every installment!

    I hope all the poets write lots more poems.

  15. Wow fourth graders! Amazing work!!! Like the leaves in Fall Fun, I am blown away! Bravo to artist-teacher and students!!!

  16. I love your poems filled with scooter sounds, Halloween images, nature's unique specimens, places and people that hold special places in your hearts. You are playing with sound, punctuation, shape and making careful decisions about word choice. Very well done, all of you fourth grade poets!

  17. It made me smile to read your wonderful poems! You all did a great job of creating vibrant images with words. Lucas, I especially love how the words you selected for "Not Just a Plain Rock" roll right off my tongue. Isn't it fun to write something that sounds like art?

  18. Great writing! Each of these has something unique going for it:

    Most Energetic: Zip Zap Scooter
    Most Recognizeable Memory: Fall Fun
    Most Surprisingly Visual: The Wavy Plant
    Most Loving: Me and My Mom
    Most Heartfelt: Nana's House
    Best Use of Poetic Devices: Not Just a Plain Rock

    Questions for the poets: What do you like about your poems? What do you not like? Is there something you think you could - or should - change, to make your poem better?

  19. Wow! I can't believe how many wonderful people stopped by to leave comments for these poets. Thank you Jane, Anne Marie, Joyce, Kate, and Matt for your thoughtfulness.

    Hmm...Mr. Dav's Class... What thoughts to you have for Matt?