Friday, January 13, 2012

Poet in Residence, part 2

Last Friday, I posted poems written by students in my son's grade 4 classroom. I served as "Poet in Residence" during the fall.

Today, I continue sharing their work. 

In January,
the joyful
kids play with
Some ride
          by Gabrielle B.

Dinner Web

Dinner came here
For the spider
It is not a deer
it’s a fighter

A dragonfly came ready
his name is Freddy
He fought
but he got caught

by Noah M.

One day while I was sitting in a field
I was eating chicken wings
as the breeze
hit me in the face
the chicken wings were good
they were buffalo chicken wings

my mouth was burning
like a … ouch ouch ouch
why is there hot sauce in my mouth

I must have fallen asleep
and those teenagers
put hot sauce in my mouth      

by Ethan D.

The Sweet Sounds Of Fall

Kids crawl

in piles of leaves.
Crisp leaves fall
from tall trees.

Cold wind slithers
across me like a snake.
I DASH on my bike
and bonce on the bumps.

I wear a costume
each Halloween.
I wear something
I carve a pumpkin,
with a grin.
school begins!
                    by Andrew S.


Thanksgiving Morning
everyone is in a good mood
and ready for all the yummy food
All the family is here
talking loud with cheer
we all watch football
then we nap to end it all.

by Kate B.

you mystery thing

your warm welcoming’s in the cold winter

warm maple syrup

your bumpy skin like a driveway
you dropping 

the warm maple syrup the tree next to you
had gave me

oh wait I think you might be a...


a pinecone

by Kylie S.

Please leave a comment for these young poets. I'll publish more next Friday.

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  1. Gabrielle B - I love your poem, it creates a wonderful image in my mind! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear Noah - Your words make me see that struggling dragonfly in the spider's web. Good observation that the dinner comes to the spider!

    (Michelle - the International Association of School Librarianship sponsors the GiggleIT Project so kids can share their writing with peers around the world - free! Please point your school librarians & teachers here to read more about it & sign up their classes:
    We'd love to have more US kiddos participating.]

    I got here through MotherReader & Lee Wind's Comment Challenge - I'm sure glad I did!

  3. Congrats to all these fine poets, Andrew S and Noah especially tickled my fancy.

  4. Fantastic! Poet in residence must have been so much fun - I did something quite similar in my son's class and it was an amazing, inspiring experience. Judging from the quality of those poems, yours was too.

  5. What delightful poems....Ethan - I hope that didn't really happen to you. Yikes! Funny too. Andrew - I love "Cold wind slithers across me like a snake." Kate - What a cozy picture picture you paint here - right down to the nap! Gabrielle - Today my children are doing what your poem describes. The lines moving downward work so well. And Kylie - What fun to talk TO the pinecone! A poem of address! a.

  6. Dear Heather, Katy, Pen and Ink, Magdalena, and Amy,
    Thank you for taking the time to speak to these poets. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I know they will, too. I'll hop over and visit each of your blogs, too.

    And Katy, I'll check out that link. Thanks!