Friday, January 28, 2011

Fall Haiku

Last fall, I facilitated a seashell investigation in my son's third grade class. Following the investigation, the students wrote Lunes about their shells. With the experience of writing lunes under their belts, they moved on a more complex form of poetry-haiku. Here are samples of their work. (These students chose to have their work published).

The Blowing Leaves
Sliding down the slide
Blowing around the sky
In the fall season
by Julia

In the fall leaves fall down
The leaves flying on the air
In the air they fall.
by Danny

Trapped Leaf
On a windowsill,
Trapped in and old frozen pond,
When fall comes around.
by Cecelia

Leaves on the cold ground
leaves are different colors
In the midnight sky.
by Ella

Floating Leaves
In a tall tall tree
Floating in the blue blue sky
Under the hot sun.
by Hannah

Autumn winds shifting,
Leaves are dancing to the ground
Falling from the trees.
by Beatrice

Running Leaf
On the forest floor
Running from the blowing wind
When I go to play.
by Haley

Swimming in the pond
during a windy autumn
Floating in the air.
by Mason

Leaves get raked in piles.
I see this going on for 
miles and miles and piles.
by Dante

Mister Leaf on a
tree, come down and dance with me
near the radio.
by Jameson

Jumping Leaf
On the grass skipping
Blowing over a black fence
in a blowing breeze.
by Robert

If you try your hand at haiku, why not share it here? I hope you'll also leave a comment for these talented poets.

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