Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Snow Fun

The weather forecast here in the Northeastern United States is for more snow. Here's another suggestion to get kids outside investigating. Give them a bucket full of Lego's and encourage them to build a sled that will run down the nearest snowbank or hill. Children can be challenged to work together or independently. If you live in a warm climate, try building a hill of sand at the beach or playground.

Here are some challenges you might present:
  1. Who can build the sled that will go the farthest?
  2. Who can build the sled that will go the fastest?
  3. Who can build the biggest sled that will work?
  4. Who can build the smallest sled that will work?

Once they have a chance to test out their sleds, encourage children to make changes to try to improve their designs. (Note to teachers: this addresses the design process in the Science Technology and Engineering standards).

Most people think about building snowmen, making snow angels, or going sledding. Can you suggest other ideas for getting kids outside during snowy weather?

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