Friday, January 27, 2012

Poet in Residence, The final Installment

Thanks for all the great comments on my earlier "Poet in Residence" posts. Here's the last batch of poems.

I adore my mother’s cherry pie
It’s so good I wish to die
When my mother
makes it great
guess who happens to be late.
Is she making cherry pie?
Oh my gosh it’s just a lie!!

                    by Andrew B.


Butterfly! Butterfly!

With your speckled wings,

fly to the church,

soar to the sea,

and land on a tree.

by Sarah M

Nibbling on Leaves
One day a Japanese caterpillar
was nibbling
on a soft, juicy,
luscious leaf.
He ate it all the
way through.
He landed
on dinner!

by Ben H

Swooping over

Predator of
the wild

Protector of
a nest

Bird of

by Jacob D.

(HAWK, particularly the line breaks, was inspired by the work of William Carlos Williams. Can you recognize it? We read River of Words; The story of William Carlos Williams as part of our poetry study. It's a fantastic picture book about the life of William Carlos Williams).

At My Grandmother’s House
I sit
on the couch where I always
Just sitting
watching TV while
eating with my family.
All I can smell
is my noodles
I hear
the TV going on
and on
and on.
I feel happy!
So is
my brother
and grandmother.
I feel like
I’m in my
own world.
I sprint
into the kitchen because
I hear
the parade
We’re just
out the window.
I had a great time
my grandmother’s house.

by Jordyn D.

Which poems, phrases or lines speak to you?

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  1. These are all wonderful pieces, but HAWK really speaks to me. When we lived in Montana, we would see Cooper's Hawks, Red Tailed Hawks and Bald Eagles in our neighborhood and backyard. Beautiful poem, Jacob D!

  2. What lovely poems! I enjoyed reading all of them. When I was reading AT MY GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE, it sounded like my voice and I imagined myself as a child thinking and feeling the very same my grandmother's house.

  3. They're all terrific, but HAWK really spoke to me. :)

  4. What really stands out to me is that you are writing from your own experiences. I'm pretty sure Sarah has seen a butterfly soar and Jordyn is describing a fun time at her grandmother's house. I'm assuming that Jacob has seen a hawk swoop and Ben has had a caterpillar drop on his dinner! I like your word choices. Isn't River of Words a great book? We have so much to learn from many poets. I'm glad authors are writing books so kids can know about our poetic heritage.

  5. I am so impressed with your creative writing skills as fourth graders! Each one made me feel like I was seeing or feeling (or even smelling) exactly what you were describing! These are the kinds of assignments that I loved the most when I was your age. Writing turned into a wonderful career for me - first as a TV news reporter, then as a marketing writer (think advertising!) and now as a children's book author as well. You never know where your writing and communications skills will take you. The sky is the limit, so keep writing!

  6. Heather, Anonymous, Dede, Joyce, and Kate,
    Thank you for your thoughtful comments to these young poets. We had so much fun together. And, lucky me, I get to go visit with them again on Friday. This week we'll be looking at non-fiction writing. I'll be sharing my revision process for my non-fiction picture book manuscript, SNAKE!

  7. WOW! I love these poems. At My Grandmother's House reminded me of how I felt as a kid at my own grandmother's house. The happiness in the poem really comes through. Thanks for sharing these.
    Tina Rood

  8. Thanks for visiting, Tina. I'm glad you enjoyed the poems.