Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Travel Tuesdays: Nature Walks in the City, cont'd

I've often blogged about finding a bit of nature in the city, whether it's flying kites on the National Mall, exploring the beach in a coastal city, or observing the moon's phases over the course of a month.  Last month, when we visited my sisters in San Francisco, I blogged about all of our nature sightings in San Francisco Parks.

Since we returned home, we've been getting updates from my sister about two particular sightings: the nesting Great Horned Owl in Golden Gate Park (She stars in my new blog header- photo by me) and the Anna's Hummingbird nesting near her apartment.

My sister's friend Joe Moss, of Urban Owls took some amazing photographs (All photos are the property of Joe Moss. They are used here with permission).

Great Horned Owl and owlets in Golden Gate Park
Photo taken 1 March 2013
Photo taken 6 March 2013

Photo taken 6 March 2013
You never know what you might be missing if you're constantly rushing from place to place. This Anna's hummingbird nest is in a tree overhanging the sidewalk near my sister's apartment. People unknowingly walk below it all day long.

Photo taken 1 March 2013
Photo taken 3 March 2013
Photo taken 3 March 2013
Once I started communicating with Joe to secure permission to use his photos, he also sent me these photos of a coyote  taken in Golden Gate Park.

Photo taken 8 March 2013
Photo taken 8 March 2013
While I wish I were still in San Francisco to see these beautiful birds fledge, I'm excited to receive updates from my sister. My sister tells me my 3 year old niece was sad when the hummers fledged last week- her little friends move on- but I know they had fun watching their growth.

What amazing nature sightings have you made in the city lately? Will you slow down and look a little closer?

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  1. Fabulous photos. That coyote closeup is amazing.

    1. I know! I was so thrilled that Moss let me use them. The Coyotes in Golden Gate Park look much better than the ones around here. I think they probably eat well. Ours tend to look a bit mangy, especially this time of year.