Friday, February 17, 2012

Feeding Winter Birds

When we took our Christmas tree down this year, we propped it up in the front yard intending to decorate it for the birds. Well, we finally managed to decorate it last weekend.

These bird feeder ornaments are easy to make. You can hang them from any tree in your yard or neighborhood.


Supplies needed:
  • cotton or wool thread (Birds will use the thread in nests later in the spring. Synthetics are bad for the environment. Do NOT use plastics such as gimp).
  • any pinecones you can collect on a nature hike. Species does not matter. These happen to be from pitch pines. (Be careful not to collect in restricted areas such as state parks or national forests).
  • peanut butter, suet, or vegetable shortening. (NOTE: If working with children other than your own, NEVER use peanut butter without checking for peanut allergies. In schools and libraries, I advise never using peanut butter).
  • bird seed
  • small bowl
  • butter knife
  1. Cut a small length of thread. Make a large loop and knot it.
  2. Work the loop into the pinecone so you can hang it. 
  3. Spread vegetable shortening, peanut butter, or suet on the pinecones.
  4. Roll them in birdseed.
  5. Hang them on a tree outside your window.
  6. Watch for birds to arrive over the next week or so, if all goes well. If you haven't been feeding birds, it may take a while for them to find your feeders.
Added 21 February 2012:
Hey...look... we had our first visitors to our bird feeder ornaments!
Not quite the guests we were hoping for (and they cleaned everything out in no time flat) but they were still fun to watch.

Have you been feeding the birds this winter? Have they been active?

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