Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Frog Eggs Found...Yet

Three days after our first wood frog adventure, my family visited a different vernal pool roughly 1/2 mile behind our house "as the crow flies." We were greeted with the same boistrous clucks and calls. Last Sunday, one week later, I returned to that same vernal pool. All was quiet. The only sound was the wind rustling sassafras leaves nearby. I looked for frog eggs (scientists call them frog spawn) but found none. The overcast light of the day reflected off the water creating a glare that obscured my view of the bottom. We need sunbeams to shine through the water and illuminate the eggs. It's been raining here in Southeastern Massachusetts for days, so we haven't returned, yet. This weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny, though, so we'll check back then and report our findings.

On Sunday, I did make this discovery, just a few feet from where I had sat the week before. I was so focused on the wood frogs that I had missed it. With the quiet of this past weekend, I took time to look around more.

Does anyone want to venture a guess regarding what this might be?

Here's a close-up :

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