Friday, May 31, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Happy Friday everyone. It's a hot one here in southeastern Massachusetts- the temperature is already hovering around 90 degrees F at 10:30 in the morning.

One priority around here is making sure our veggie garden is properly watered so our plants won't wilt.

How is your garden coming? Have you planted one? Not yet? There's still time. Even if you don't have a yard, there are lots of options for you.

No matter where you live, rather than start a large garden that overwhelms you, plan to start small and build on your successes. Even one small pot of plants is a great start.

For inspiration, here are some photos taken in our garden this morning:

Dewdrops on broccoli leaves

Pea pod sprout

Are you looking for resources to help you get started? Check out my Pinterest board of gardening books. You'll find 'How To' books such as the Vegetable Gardener's Bible and great read- alouds for your kids such as Planting a Rainbow.

If you have a favorite gardening book, please leave it in the comments and I'll add it to my board.

And here are some of my previous gardening posts that may be helpful to you:


  1. I'm a little jealous. I can't wait to start a garden once we're back in the US. My attempts at growing lettuce here (since it's sooooo iffy to eat what you get from the stores) have been failures. Mainly because I put a two-year-old in charge of watering, though...

    1. Stephanie, have you tried growing some lettuce in a pot outside your door? That might help... easy access and you'd see it every time you go in/out so you and "Muffin" might be better about watering it. You could also be sure you're using rich, safe soil, too. (Try composting to make some good soil if you can't buy it).

      Also, lettuce does not like strong heat... summer in Hyderabad might be too much. You could try planting it in partial shade.

      You'll be returning to the US, soon, right? I think I remember reading it will be some time this year?