Friday, April 27, 2012

Humans Need Nature

If you're a regular reader, my title seems kind of obvious, doesn't it? Perhaps you're thinking, "We know that already. Tell us something new!"

The thing is, I firmly believe we all need to get outside, but even I need to force myself out sometimes. I mean literally talk myself into it- "Stop working. Get up out of your chair. Take a hike."

Yesterday was one of those days. I was on a roll, sitting at my computer, working hard. Many hours later, when I finally stopped for lunch, I realized my body was mad at me. I was stiff and achy and needed to move. I almost took a quick walk along the road but geared myself up for a woodland hike instead. (I procrastinated at least half an hour first, though. Why did I do that?)

Then I stepped into the woods and saw this:

I had to lie down beneath this Beech and look up at the lovely baby leaves.
The trees are just coming into their full glory. Some trees still have tiny leaves, while others are more fully leafed out. But all of them have that fresh, lime green color only seen in spring.

I love the woods and I love these trees. I'll bet you have natural places you love, too. Perhaps it's the desert as the sun rises over the dunes or the view from a mountaintop or the the rich, deep green of a rain forest. I hope you'll make time to get out and enjoy those places you love. 

On a related note, if you'd like to be a guest blogger here at Polliwog, drop me an email. michelle(at)michellecusolito(dot)com 

I hope you'll share favorite natural places or travel stories. If you're not a long-time reader, please familiarize yourself with my focus and style before contacting me. Your post will need fit with the blog's tagline: Muck about. Meet the Locals. Expand your world. I look forward to hearing from you.

What are your favorite natural places?

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