Friday, December 7, 2012

Book Recommendation: Fed Up With Frenzy

Have you seen this book? (Fed Up With Frenzy: Slow Parenting in a Fast-Moving World by Susan Sachs Lipman). I hadn't until recently when I was browsing around in my library. The funny thing is, author Susan (Suz) Lipman and I follow each other on Twitter. We've even interacted with each other directly a few times. Yet, somehow, I managed to miss her book. I guess it got lost in all the Twitter "noise." Now that I've found it, I realize even her Avatar on Twitter is the book's cover.

I love that I found the book when I was doing what the book promotes- slowing down. I was poking around the library with my kids. My daughter was working on something at the craft table. My son had his nose in the latest nonfiction book. I wrapped up an informal chat with our librarian and wandered over to the new non-fiction section. And there it was... this book that you must read. As readers of this blog, you will certainly find it appealing.

The introduction answers the question, "Why become a slow parent?" and provides suggestions for getting started. The bulk of the book focuses on things you can do with your children (including a materials list and directions for each). Activities range from games to nature activities to kitchen cooking and crafts. You'll recognize a few of the activities as ones you've seen here, but most of them are different.

As many of us enter this frenzied holiday time, I encourage you to take a little break and peruse this book. You might even want to give copies as gifts to other parents in your life. It's that useful.

Do you celebrate a December holiday? How will you slow down this December?

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