Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: First Snow of 2012

Photos taken 10 January 2012 


  1. Lovely images!
    We just moved from small-town Wisconsin to California (Los Angeles) so I am missing this a bit- not only the snow, but the barn and the empty tree-lined road.
    (Found you on the Mother Reader Comment Challenge!)

  2. So beautiful. I love the red against the snow.

  3. Hi Michelle! The first snowfall of the season is truly magical, and I think you've captured it well. I especially like the street surrounded by the snow-covered trees.

  4. Thanks for visiting Tina, Sylvia and Blessy.

    When my husband and I were choosing the color for our house, my mom offered us some good advice: imagine what your house will look like in each season. We immediately eliminated white as an option when she said that--far too boring on a snowy day!